Life is Meant to Be Lived
Hey, I am 22 years old, turn 23 in october. I am a senior in college. My favorite color is blue and my favorite season is Spring=] Oooooh, i also love listening to music!!!! I use my tumblr to express what i am going through and how I am feeling, I also post blogs from time to time. Everything you see on my page is basically the inner working of what makes me, me =] Enjoy <3 "crashed on the floor when I moved in. This little bungalow with some strange new friends. Stayed up too late and we promised each other it was till the end. Now were spinning empty bottles, its the 5 of us. ... The smell of gasoline in the summer heat, boy were growing way too fast, its all too sweet to last. But its alright, and its nice not to feel so alone..."
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being a pizza delivery driver is great because literally no one is disappointed to see you

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15 The Most Hilarious Bedding You Can Buy




Kick things up a notch with these Karmasheetra sheets. Even dirtier than Twister, they give actual step by step directions of positions to use in bed. Try them if you dare!


Book Blanket

Do you like reading in bed? Then this awesome blanket is perfect for you! It has a bedtime story printed right on it and it even has several pages that you can flip through!

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